A visit to the Society’s Archives will transport you to Westfield’s past. From the stories of the early days of the railroad, to the photos, signs, bottles and packages off the shelves of by-gone stores, or the tales of the Westfield airport, the casino, the racetrack, or the unsolved murders of past centuries -  your visit will help connect the past to the present leading you to envision a richer future.

The Archives are a treasure trove of Westfield history but need the love and care from people who love old documents that always tell a unique and complex history of our town and its citizens. Eventually, the complete archive collection will be re-located to the Reeve House once the Education Center and Archives Building is built to warehouse and present the archival record of our town. Fascinating snippets of Westfield's history abound at the Archives!

Our listing of archive items may be of interest to you - if so, please visit us at the archives on most Tuesdays from 9 am - 11 am, or by appointment. The WHS Archives are located at 302 Elm St., 3rd Floor in the Westfield Board of Education Building. Archive appointments can be made during Board of Education hours and are not available evenings or weekends.

A Peek Into The WHS Archives

Westfield High School 2016 graduate Jonathan Bergman completed a video entitled "The History of the Westfield Public Schools" as part of a summer internship just a few days before heading to American University in August 2016. The video can be viewed on Vimeo:

The History of the westfield public schools

The History of the westfield public schools